What a woman can be

What a woman can be: The 2016 Presidential election is a judgement on what a woman can be and what men get away with. White men whine they have lost faith in the American dream, but the only change is that now they have to share prosperity with blacks and women. Even white women find themselves demonizing other women as baby killers to gloss over the idea of celebrity groping. The working class rails against the elite, then supports America’s supreme elitist. We have division in America because we are acting like spoiled children. Palin was bad enough, but just the possibility of Trump is disgusting. Ford said he paid workers a good salary so they could buy his cars.” He might have added, “Good salaries soon turn Democrats into selfish Republicans.” To all whiners tired of a government playing by someone else’s rules, think how tired blacks and women are of playing by white rules.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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