Trump speaks for a great deal of Americans

Trump speaks for a great deal of Americans; the bigots, the intolerant, the greedy white privileged who don’t want to share the benefits provided by a government of the people with all other Americans. Trumps speaks for the many ignorant Americans who believe in white superiority, in American imperialism abroad, and that God has chosen them to be special above all others. Trump doesn’t speak for women who have been raped and molested, for blacks shunted to a concentration camp culture, or for immigrants who have always been the backbone of American progress. Trump doesn’t speak for decency, for moral courage, for constancy of marriage, or for treating others like you would have them treat you. Trump stands for those Americans who think it is smart to cheat on taxes, clever to not pay bills that your lawyers can wriggle out of, and to dodge the draft repeatedly, and then condemn soldiers who have faithfully served our country. Trump represents the liars, the thieves, the nasty name callers, the schemers, and those who brag when they pull something over on others without getting caught. Trump does not care about abortion––a religious issue, or about law and order––a fear of blacks issue, or about healthcare reform that helps a mother pay for her son’s medical bills. Trump speaks of rigged elections for those Americans who readily believe in rigging elections, those who do not have confidence in the American way of life, and those who denigrate that America stands for all Americans not just a privileged few. Trump does speak for a great deal of Americans, those the rest of America are not proud of. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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