Defining Trump’s Deplorables

Defining Trump’s Deplorables: Anyone willing to accept Trump’s attacks on US veterans, women, open racism and promoting violence is one of the deplorables, angry over lost white privileges. Anyone willing to live with Trump’s bragging about cheating on his taxes and groping married women in public because he has celebrity status is just as disgusting and deplorable. To claim what you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears, as rigged media propaganda shows how deplorable you have allowed yourself to become. Trump’s law and order without justice, tax breaks for tax cheats, and a three-time-draft-dodger’s military expertise are nothing more than letting the rich get richer for a piece of the action. Trump’s tax ploy––Palin in the streets and Reagan in the boardroom––will cost trillions, yet Trumpophiles refuse to read the fine print. Spouting facts are lies and using opinions as facts proves deplorables believe only what they want to believe. While conspiracy theorists, bigotry and white supremacists come out of the woodwork, warm fuzzy Trumpophilia lays bare the ugly defects of groupthink. Using a con man’s tactics, where failure always someone else’s fault, Trump is turning politics into a reality show, where he is the Apprentice. Your vote will decide: Donald Trump deplorable win, or you’re not qualified, you’re fired!  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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