Demonized Clinton image created by billions of dollars in false malicious Republican propaganda

Demonized Clinton image created by billions of dollars in false malicious Republican propaganda: Propaganda is manufactured public imagery based on a campaign narrative of misinformation. The danger of propaganda is that a lie told a thousand times is believed more than the truth told once. Propaganda is how Nazism and Communism rose to prominence, and has always been the tool of hatred, bigotry, intolerance and hypocrisy. Since 2008, Republicans have used propaganda spending billions of dollars to demonize Obama and Clinton. Manufacturing scandal after scandal based on uncorroborated evidence and sneaky innuendo, the Republican Conspiracy Machine has labored to make Obama appear responsible for the slow economic turnaround, despite the fact that a do-nothing Republican Congress worked diligently against economic development.  Since, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy, Republicans have created scandal after scandal to destroy her public image as a way to hide the fact that Republicans are unable to offer viable solutions to living wages, fair immigration, economic growth, infrastructure repairs, rising domestic terrorism, and the dangers of out of control climate change.  Seven Republican Benghazi committees have exonerated Clinton. Repeated FBI investigations have exonerated her alleged email illegalities.  Nevertheless, the Republican Conspiracy Machine swamps the media daily with unfounded assertions like the Clinton Foundation and the health and stamina of women. “Crooked” fits Nixon, indicted for his crimes, and Bush and Cheney whose lies led to the Iraq War, but never to routine email processing and lack of recollections from among ten-thousand decades old memos. Nevertheless, Republican propaganda has falsely positioned the highly qualified public reformer, former first lady, senator, and Secretary of State in the same camp as the foul-mouthed con man Trump.  Such a distorted comparison proves yet again the dangers of false propaganda; the ability by spending huge sums of money to con angry white workers into blindly supporting the guy with a history of not paying his debts and destroying fair-wage jobs. Trump is the antithesis of America and yet we have a horse race for the Presidency because so many journalists contribute nothing but Republican propaganda. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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