Clarity Clinton versus Bluster Trump

Clarity Clinton versus Bluster Trump: After a lifetime of distinguished public service, Hillary Clinton has rolled out detailed solutions organized by a nationwide staff of experts and concerned citizens for resolving national issues. Trump with no public sacrifice to provide insight simply blathers of vague goals with hate-bating sloganeering. Clinton’s assembly of Americans for Progress proposes while Trump discombobulates and his family discusses among themselves what they want for Christmas. Clinton offers detailed plans for America’s failing infrastructure, while Trump photo ops next to sand bags. Clinton blueprints reforms for autism, health cost cuts, and mental health. Trump declares everyone will get what they need from me. Clinton tackles voting rights restrictions, civil rights discontent, and gun safety for the mentally ill. Trump beats the drum for 2nd Amendment types to decide who will be the next Supreme Court Justices. Trump is and then is not going to ship out all or some of 11 million immigrants, while Clinton details mending decades old broken immigration requirements. Trump wants fewer restrictions on clean air and clean water; more drilling, logging, and mining in National Monument Parks. Clinton says lets not lose our hard-won protections. Trump offers temporary local jobs to those who vote for him while endangering the environment and the climate for everyone else. Clinton suggests, “We are stronger as a nation together.” Trump tells his bitter audience they are better off staying apart. Trump’s base does not care if Trump has no policy goals. Angry losers of white privileges don’t want government for all. Clinton is the future. Trump, the past. Clinton asks us to lean forward. Trump would have you bend over and move back. Clinton’s detailed policy proposals show hard work, lengthy conference sessions, and the compromise of many different voices that allow you the voter to judge for yourself. Trump’s response, “I tell you when I’m ready, you don’t need to concern yourself with all the details, and anyway I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy.” Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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