Republican Modus Operandi: create failure, blame the victim.

Republican Modus Operandi: create failure, blame the victim.             (Healthcare) Republicans could not stop Obamacare, so they restricted it from succeeding. Republican states refused 30 million with access to healthcare insurance. The 20 million newly insured under Affordable Care Act are insufficient numbers to offset inflationary insurance costs. Pacts with Republicans for allowing passage of the ACA law also severely limit insurance packaging and promote higher prices, further cutting the numbers of newly insured. (Economy) After the Great Republican Recession, Republicans made the failure of Obama their number one priority. Republicans offered no recovery bills and voted against; new jobs, new industries, unemployment insurance, and new technology. Republicans were willing for the American economy to fail in order to blame Obama for lack of recovery. (Civil Rights) In the decades old war on drugs, white officials wrote the sentencing guidelines dictating that blacks were 100 to 1 times more likely to be sentenced than whites. A quarter million blacks have been imprisoned destroying millions of families and neighborhoods. Due to the color their skin, blacks are disrespected and disparaged on a daily basis forcing blacks into a cultural concentration camp culture where blacks start off life social levels behind whites, restricted to ghettos, the last to be hired, the first to be fired, with the lowest paid jobs, the worst schools, the least transportation, the unhealthiest markets, unable to move into white neighborhoods, let alone walk through them without risk of being shot. Meanwhile Republicans promote Law and Order without Justice and blame black for protesting as victims. (Education) Republicans don’t want government in the business of helping citizens succeed through public education. The volume of outstanding student loans has skyrocketed due to Republicans in Congress maintaining high levels of student loan interest rates. Republicans are attacking unpaid student loans when they are the ones at fault for demanding high interest rates. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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