When will we end the disastrous war on drugs?

 When will we end the disastrous war on drugs?  Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis…the War on Drugs is devastating neighborhoods already floundering under a concentration camp culture of white tyranny. In the US Civil War a quarter million Southern male head of households were killed leaving a quarter million women, millions of children, grandparents and relatives, farms, businesses, and trades totally bereft, relying on public charity. The War on Drugs has produced the same phenomenon among US blacks. More than a quarter million black households have been devastated by the mass incarceration of young males, most of which were imprisoned for nonviolent and minor drug offenses. Until the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, the rate of imprisonment for drug offenses was one hundred blacks for every white person due to the disparity of sentencing rules for possession of crack, used by blacks, compared to cocaine powder, preferred by whites. Because of the decades old disparity of sentencing, established and maintained by white officials, blacks and their families and their communities have been devastated by the worst racial domestic policy of our time. Not only were millions of Americans deleted from potential economic productivity and relegated to welfare, but the requirements of mass incarceration took agents, courts and resources away from prevention and dealing with violent crime, in order to enforce minor and non-violent offenses. At the same time of our economic loss, the private for profit prison institutions grew feeding off the expansion of petty drug offender prison terms. While taxpayers funded misdirected law enforcement and made up for the lost revenues private industry was feeding at the government trough. The taxpayers waste of money used to pay for a dysfunctional war on drugs could have sent an entire generation of American youths through four years of college and be paying dividends instead of continuing to contribute to disaster.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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