Is Trump the end of the Republican Party?

Is Trump the end of the Republican Party?  Clinton consistently polls 45% public favorability, the same as Obama did in the fall of 2008. Republicans have spent billions of dollars in propaganda to demonize both Obama and Clinton to distract the public from the fact that Republicans are the do-nothing Party. Republicans have been indoctrinated to think Clinton is disliked as much as Trump. The coming election will show just how far the Republican Party is out of touch with America. Bernie supporters will vote Clinton proving there are not anti-Clinton just pro-Sanders. All women who can think logically will support Clinton taking here well over the top in nationwide voting. The coming election will prove America believes is more important to have a woman in the White House than how many times Republican panels can clear Clinton of Benghazi. Messy emails will be seen as far less important than another Republican Recession under Trump. The baggage of a well-known, highly qualified candidate like Hillary Clinton brings to office will be seen as far less of a problem that the fact that Trump is liable to start WWIII. The business community is firmly behind Clinton and thinks Trump would be a disaster. The military is firmly behind Clinton and the only dorks are those who think women with children can’t make hard choices. Educated Americans see Clinton as a middle of the road candidate with whom everyone has an equal chance of being heard, while Trump is replete with mannerisms that can destroy our society. There has never been as big a contrast in candidates as exists between Clinton and Trump. Once and for all the results of the coming election will show that Trump has tolled the end of the Republican Party’s viability.

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