Welfare once was ok

During the Great Depression, and for a decade after due to devastating droughts, the idea of government aiding the poor, especially farm workers, was acceptable to the public. With the passage of laws to halt segregation in the 1960s, suddenly welfare became a dirty word. Once blacks became part of the government aid, conservatives began campaigning that welfare was a bad idea. Government handouts––conservatives narrated––created a permanently dependent class and incentivised not working. Hearing this conservative propaganda constantly droned into the public forum through every possible communications format altered the public’s image of welfare. Billions of dollars and Fox TV morphed welfare recipients into “takers not givers,” Romney’s 47% moochers,” despite the fact that poor whites still require the greatest percentage of government assistance expenditures. It was the simple idea that blacks were included that galled conservatives into setting their dogs loose to kill welfare. As long as welfare was for whites, welfare was ok. As long as business got government handouts that was even better. Business was “entitled” to trillions,” but include a refrigerator in a poor black’s slum project and over night entitlements became a threat to civilization. Welfare was once a guilt assuaging “hand out” to the downtrodden. Once welfare became a “hand up” to lift the downtrodden conservatives sent out their converted minions to slam closed the gates of equal opportunity. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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