Nationwide hate comes out of the closet with black president

Nationwide hate comes out of the closet with black president: Under GW Bush the US averaged about 140 hate groups each year; levels similar to those of the past few decades. Under America’s first black president, hate groups and anti-government groups have exploded across the continent. Each year for the past eight years over a thousand hate groups have been openly operating to bring about a return to the radical right with racist messages across the public domain. Hate groups––Anti-Black KKK, Racist Skin Heads, White Nationalists, Black Separatists, Neo Nazis, Neo Confederate, Christian Identity and Anti-LGBT––are those groups who believe and practice demonizing, and attacking entire classes of people. Extremists are coming out of the closet at alarming levels fomenting racist violence, poisoning the public mind with intolerance, and plotting domestic terrorism. As Radical Right violence continues to plaque the US, extremists have moved out of localized organizations and taken to the Internet. Blog groups are able to say anything without recourse or the need to prove assertions in order to agitate the public and control public opinion. Over 800 of these same hate groups espouse an anti government agenda including armed militias, hoarding of guns and ammunition, and fomenting the sort of violence found in recent gun massacres. The hate was always there. America has not solved its race problems. American voters may have given Obama two terms as President, but the backlash voice of the Radical Right is louder and stronger than ever. When police kill blacks radicals blame that black man in the oval office, and when blacks kill white police; whose fault is it? You got it, the black President. Until Radical Right racists learn tolerance America will never be free of hate. As Newt Gingrich pointed out Rudy Giuliani is just a white guy who cannot understand the black experience in America. Giuliani’s expectations are based on his own upbringing. He has never known what it is like to constantly have to apologize for the color of your skin. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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