Gun owners buying guns to protect themselves against us.

Gun owners buying guns to protect themselves against us. Thirty years ago when guns owners were polled about why they bought guns the answer they gave was for hunting. Today, gun owners overwhelmingly say they buy guns for protection. When asked from whom they want to protect themselves, gun owners overwhelmingly say a government takeover. Who are these gun owners afraid of? Gun owners believe non-gun owners are the enemy. Gun owners are buying more guns to protect themselves from a government take over by non-gun owners like us. We are all the government, you and I, yes and gun owners too, but gun owners, whipped up by the NRA, see themselves as the victims, the persecuted minority, and they are buying guns to tell us they are ready to kill us to defend their toys. Today America owns more guns than any other country in the world. Yet, today, fewer American citizens are gun buyers than thirty years ago. Then how could there be more guns being purchased than ever before? Because most gun owners now own many guns; more automatic weapons, more assault weapons, more weapons used for war, more high-volume firing weapons, and stockpiles of ammunition. Most people who die in gun violence are innocent victims. Who are the people killing innocent Americans? The answer isn’t foreign terrorists. More than thirty thousand Americans are killed every year Americans with guns. Over the last few decades America has witnessed gun massacres and multiple killings by gun violence on a scale comparable to the terrorist bombings in Iraq. But while Americans poll 80% for gun safety restrictions, why aren’t we marching on the streets for gun safety as a civil right? Isn’t “Life” as important as “Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?” Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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