Never confabulate good instincts with religious dogma

Never confabulate good instincts with religious dogma:  Love, joy, peace, gentleness, meekness, kindness, patience and self-control are good human characteristics to promote. They appeal to our better instincts for how to conduct our lives in a worthwhile manner. Good instincts, however, should never be confused with religious dogma on how to achieve life after death or forgiveness for sins, and absolutely never for understanding how the world works. In other words, anyone who promotes the use of good instincts should never be confused with his or her religious beliefs based on dogma. Faith in a higher power causing rain to fall should never be confused with convection. Healing a sickness or injury has everything to do with medicine and little or nothing to do with prayer. Humans are homo or heterosexual because their cells create them that way. The idea of praising the speaking of kindness, while at the same time unkindly condemning homosexuality because it is against religious dogma, is two-faced, hypocritical and deliberate ignorance.  Our bodies are created with built-in involuntary responses that we call instincts. We can train our instincts so that good character prevails, but confabulating facts with faith leads only to confusion. Religious dogma was created and sustained as a simple and easy way of dealing with the difficult mysteries of life. Never confuse someone whose moral instincts are grounded in good, but who confabulates religious dogma with sound reasoning. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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