Indifference is a face of evil

Indifference is a face of evil: Why did fifty people die in the Orlando massacre? Fact: They were killed by massive injuries due to shots fired by a weapon of war, easily obtainable, with the automatic, large volume ammunition capability of mass murder without intervention. Suppositions: A. They were killed by American terrorism.  B. They were killed by a mentally ill person.   C. They were killed by an anti-homosexual radical. Prayers for those killed won’t help the dead. Expressions of sorrow will not affect mass murders, now at their highest level in the history of the nation. Legislation regarding the mentally ill, anti-terrorism, or anti-civil rights will not stop the mass killing of innocent people. On the other hand, belief in a fairytale description of the Amendment is equivalent to believing in the tooth fairy, and as such contributes to cultural indifference. Just because a lot of loud Americans believe such a fairytale not only doesn’t make it true, it shows how selfish people can be when it comes to protecting their toys. And spouting nonsense about “taking away our guns,” is exactly what it has always been, nonsense. The only factual common denominator in all mass shootings––all killing by guns, all suicides by gun, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans every decade––is the availability of guns. The only common fact of all American deaths by gun violence is the easy access to guns. The only common evil of all Americans is their indifference to gun safety. For make no mistake, indifference is a face of evil. Why did fifty people die in Orlando massacre? Because Americans are culturally indifferent to death. Gun massacres happen because we allow evil to exist. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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