Trump voters are America’s “losers.”

Trump voters are America’s “losers:” White males voting for trump––including white females led by them––believe America is being stolen away from them. “We are losing everything,” Trump drills into his audiences. I’ll make America great again. I like the good old days,” he jokes and smiles: “I will bring back jobs and safeguard your hard work.” But most of Trump’s voters are already better off than average. To them what America has lost is that in the past white males had more status, more privileges, and more security. They believe Democrats have been giving away white privileges to blacks, Latinos, and women…for votes! Trump supporters hate Obamacare. White males already had good medical coverage. Trump voters want cheap prices for consumer products, but expect high pay and all the incentives for the same work at home. Trump voters want law and order in the streets, not justice. Trump voters want women as sex objects, paid what the market can bear, and quiet for a change. Trump supporters aren’t afraid of risking America’s economy or defense by voting for a self-promoting carnival con man as long as he promises to make white privilege important again. The proof that white males feel they are losing everything was clearly evident when they were willing to vote for Sarah Palin. Trump is appealing to white American males who want back what they had before they had to share it with all Americans. Lost white privilege is the base of America’s losers. To Trump, however, you gotta remember; promises are negotiable, just part of the deal. Like any good businessman all Trump really cares about is the bottom line, making Trump richer. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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