Anti-Abortion a Failed Belief

Anti-Abortion a Failed Belief: “Anti-Abortion campaigns do not reduce the number of abortions, but access to birth control does.” To teach young people to act responsibly, spare the whip of false beliefs and provide the tools for proper behavior. World Health Organization research over the past twenty-four years shows that laws to halt abortion do not work. In the US, states with the most anti-abortion laws the rate of abortions has increased since such laws were passed. In states that promoted access to contraction, abortion rates have continued to fall. Feel-good religious beliefs used to instill fear and whip human behavior are a miserable failure. Instead, halting abortion lies in providing reasonable access to birth control and planned parenthood. Fear of punishment in a fantasy afterlife are nonproductive compared to providing protection for normal, healthy human behavior. Those who want to kill Planned Parenthood are not so much interested in halting abortion as they are in being mindlessly herded in whispering campaigns led by false prophets. Planned parenting is a human right. Those who would subject human rights to inhuman beliefs are just as evil as the evil picture they paint of planned parenting. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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