Trump’s politics reflects privileged white resentment

Trump’s politics reflects privileged white resentment:                   First came Sarah Palin, unqualified and ignorant, showboating her way through elections. Now Trump swaggers the same path blazing his way to a new reality show. Both candidates seek to take advantage of the economic and social anxieties of a formerly privileged white America. When Trump talks about making America great again he is speaking to those who believe in white male privilege. Republicans can only blame themselves. Anti-government, pro-banking, pseudo family values have limited appeal. Conservative promises to return to the way we were keep failing. Economic hardship and social resentment are fueling the fires of contempt for tolerance and consideration. Middle class white Americans are dying off from an epidemic of despair. The greatest danger is that people with disturbing beliefs and powerful resentments will somehow manifest with bigoted corporate greed to form a proto-fascist political party. Trump, for example, has seized upon the need for greed in the same way he took over and caused the failure in the 1980s of the, until then, highly successful United States Football League. Trump’s game is to promote Trump and never the Party or the League. Trump’s business dealing discriminate against the same people he appeals to with a message of false hope. Trump is like the devil whispering endearments that he can bring back that which has past, with promises he never means to keep, but which will make him rich from millions of helpless souls.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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