Religion used for harm

Religion used for harm: A bill that would allow mental health counselors to turn away patients based on religious beliefs has passed in the House in Tennessee, the latest state to introduce measures that harm the community and legalize immorality and discrimination. The bill is part of a wave of proposals across the country–particularly in poor states that already have high rates of recidivism–that already deny services on a defacto basis for religious beliefs. Included are denial of counseling for mental health, rape, incest, child abuse, children who are victims of bullying, women’s health, and spousal abuse. Such legislation could also deny treatment to America’s war veterans, including those wounded, disfigured, amputees, and suffering from combat mental illness during recent wars. The denial of rights and services for religious beliefs endangers the entire general public allowing the mentally disturbed to prey upon the unsuspected. Enabling the mentally incapacitated to buy and use weapons is already creating an atmosphere of citizen massacres as seen in the recent rise of mass murders nationwide. Laws that discriminate based on religious beliefs have been with us since antiquity used to justify slavery, segregation, child labor, parental abuse, gun violence, housing discrimination, employment bias, and a wide variety of business practices including low wages, wage theft, lack of workplace safety, and use of force to prevent worker protest. Religious belief based legislation has come about as a result of the loss of America’s Evangelistic moral compass. Having become “Worldly” in the pursuit of economic and political influence, the Republican fringe religious right has lost sight of a Christ that taught all mankind as children of God. Using religion to justify harm to the public at large once again dramatizes just how evil works its will through deliberate ignorance.Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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