Election of Hillary Clinton Imperative

Election of Hillary Clinton Imperative: We are at war. Women have been denigrated, disparaged, and denied equal status to men since the dawn of humanity. Nothing short of electing Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States will do as much to win this epic battle. Every woman parading her “feel the burn” should know that she is only able to vote today by standing the on the shoulders of billions of dead sisters, mothers and daughters who fought the good fight before her. Sure, we have made tremendous progress under Obama. Of course, more reforms are necessary, but no reform, no progressive legislation, no repeal of bad laws is more important than electing Hillary President. The “Any woman” argument is specious. The fact that “some females politicians aren’t good for women” is a distraction. Hillary Clinton is not just any woman, she is the most distinguished and competent woman ever running for President. Electing a Democrat to the highest office is not as important. Regaining the Senate and House is not as important. Closing the economic gap, reigning in Wall Street, and halting wars is not as important as electing Hillary President. It is of paramount importance, that every young girl be able to look up at her mother and father and say, “I can be president just like Hillary.” Only a solid block of voters for Hillary can make that dream possible. Without electing Hillary to President we are losing the biggest opportunity of our lifetime. Women are every bit as important to humanity as men. Electing Hillary Clinton is not about feminism, it is about bringing half of the human population of Earth one step closer to a better world.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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