Stop 90% gun violence with 3 laws!

Stop 90% gun violence with 3 laws: (1) Universal background checks for weapons, (2) ammunition, and (3) microchip-lock laws could stop 90% gun violence. How quickly and completely depends on the teeth in the law. Reasonable gun safety laws are getting passed, but they are sabotaged, under-funded, poorly applied, slovenly monitored, and constantly road-blocked and undermined by gun fanatics and the NRA. Toothless laws promote gun violence. Toothless laws can never be effective. Fanatical gun nuts do not care about ending gun violence. “Death is the “price of freedom,” gun nuts proudly proclaim. Stopping gun violence can only work when reasonable people demand bulldog gun safety laws. “Three laws stop 90% gun violence” is a peer-validated report by the prestigious medical journal “Lancet,” produced by Boston University, searching all records available on gun-violence-reduction after passage of existing laws. The take away message for you, the “reasonable” voter, is to start by voting yes wherever possible for “universal background checks,” if for no other reason than to impede terrorism and the mentally disturbed. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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