Evangelical Pact With The Devil

Evangelical Pact With The Devil: Evangelicals were once a cultural moral guide, a constant community voice that “said no” to promiscuity, course language, immodesty, and flaunting affluence. In 1970, however, evangelicals cast their lot with the far right fringe to defend segregation, thus beginning a period of theological compromise for secular gain. As evangelicals became “worldly” in the pursuit of economic and political influence they lost sight of a Jesus Christ who taught all mankind as children of God. It is no surprise now that evangelicals support a thrice-married, twice-divorced, vulgar, billionaire who belittles the disabled, and advocates policies utterly at odds with “biblical values” evangelicals purportedly uphold. Defending segregation was a “pact with the devil.” And if racism is a sin, evangelicals are sinners loath to seek redemption. To gain influence on earth, evangelicals gave away a “heaven made for the least of you.” Gone is the gospel of a rich man less likely reaching heaven than passing through the eye of a needle.” Instead, evangelicals have chosen a world that overwhelmingly favors the affluent. Reaganomics was the beginning. And Trump is a tragic end come into full life. Between these Faustian characters the new “worldly” evangelicals float along basking on a river of denial.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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