Trump is America’s Greatest Danger

Trump is America’s Greatest Danger: The rise of Trump is the rise of national racism. Trump’s America is the great racist state. Millions of Americans are just like Trump. No detestable remark, no flagrant display of ignorance, no scummy business deal will dissuade Trump supporters. Trump’s most hateful eruptions bring a stadium of voters to salute their leader’s admit-no-fault, take-no-prisoners proclamations. Trump voters are self-deluded people: they believe Trump is incorruptible because he is rich. They believe he will remedy their “where’s my bailout?” even though his businesses exploit worker losses. If Hitler were around, Trump would say there goes a real leader I can do business with. Just as Trump admires Putin, Trump is demanding a loyalty pledge and setting the dogs on dissenters. Trump satiates his prurient audience by telling them “I’ll do worse than torture and water boarding.” Trump brings crowds stomping to their feet applauding, yelling and screaming when he tells them to “punch those protesters in the nose.” The rise of Trump is not so much a phenomenon as an ever-present undercurrent of white supremacy; angry, selfish, violent people who have finally found a leader who can buy their vote. Trump exists because a substantial number of Americans are violent and racist. To win Trump must show that the majority of American voters favor violence and racism. The proof that Trump is America’s greatest danger will come out if we find that many of our neighbors are just as racist as Trump. Don’t say nobody told you. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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