Only government guarantees land ownership

Only government guarantees land ownership: The notion in pseudo-patriotic folklore that “free” land allowed Americans to become independent is categorically untrue. Only government can convert land possession into ownership in the United States of America. At the creation of the Articles of Confederation, all of the colonial states conceded to yield up their unsettled lands to the common treasury from which they could be parceled out later by the federal government. Government was the agency for creating and protecting private property. Government was expected to help make the average citizen get the most of land opportunities. Government directed the task of individuals settling lands and raising communities under the guidance of legal restraints. Only in America could everyone hope to become a landowner because government guaranteed the right of possession. Government has been and always was the personal benefactor that gave land clearly bounded in parcel format to confirm private or communal ownership. The government then made the contract of making the land accessible in order to increase its value. Railroads, for example were built with government provided public funds. Main roads and bridges were built with government provided public funds. Maintenance, and regulation enforcement were paid for with government provided public funds. Dams, waterways, canals, ports, all the amenities for access and use of private land was provided by government funding. With government funds, with government contracts, and under government support and supervision, enterprising Americans have secured government subsidies, grants, loans, land, material, research and development, special privileges, legal protection, and all the other mistakenly “free” benefits that must be taken into consideration in order to realize the very concept of private land ownership. Nothing is free. America’s land is owned by the citizens. The right to live here, to run a business, to raise cattle, to drive a vehicle, to prosper and live as pleased is under the auspices of the citizens of the nation. We the people own and are in charge of providing everything and anything needed for our own prosperity. It is the people of America that guarantee the Constitution, not the Constitution that guarantees the people. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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