“Good ole boys” sell a bad idea

“Good ole boys” sell a bad idea: “Rugged individualism” is the Koch billionaires’ theme to “reclaim” public land for locals. By “locals” conservative propaganda disguises big mining, big lumber and big ranching. Blaming government for restricting enterprise, conservatives get away with increasing profits at taxpayer’s expense. Conservatives see National Parks as an economic wasteland and are spending billions to sell the bad idea that land is worth what you can get out of it not our national heritage. Conservatives want to “take back the land,” but the West is only flourishing because of government welfare; cheap grazing fees, cheap land grants, free dams, infrastructure and pollution control are all paid for by taxpayer largesse. Bundy’s posse of welfare wackos are feeding at the public trough. Bundy’s father is a million dollars in debt to subsidies. Bundyeconomics says it his right to suck at the taxpayer’s nipple. Conservatives back Bundy’s welfare because it is good for business. “Get the loggers back to logging” is nothing more than conservative propaganda to open public parks to tree cutting not tree hugging. The West was built on US taxpayer-funded programs. The West is mostly funded by the American taxpayer. Bear in mind that historically, wherever locals are left in charge there is only soil erosion, toxic rivers, and depletion of wildlife. Conservatives are for profits not for conservation. Public land is our land. As for the outlaws hiding behind religion, they want us to believe, ”God has taken us on this path.” But what any outlaw really believes is that obeying the law is slavery. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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