“We don’t want safety,” The real gun-nut defense.

The real gun-nut defense: “We don’t want safety.”  If you are thinking about listening to the arguments of gun nuts here something to consider. Gun nuts are not really persuaded by data that says guns don’t protect against assault. Data that conflicts with their selfish world is automatically discredited as lies, or just ignored. The fact that FBI data proves guns do not protect is not important to gun nuts. In reality, gun nuts don’t want a safer America. Gun nuts don’t care about restricting guns from terrorists. Gun nuts don’t even give a hoot about insane people. Gun nuts just don’t want to be bothered. The average considerate US citizen would fill out a background form and wait for approval. Gun nuts don’t want to talk about forms or any other damn inconvenience on their God-given right to freedom. Gun nuts don’t care about the Democratic process and they don’t care that most Americans want namby-pamby gun safety. The NRA is an embarrassment to most Americans, if not to humanity, but gun nuts are proud of the NRA. Gun nuts are loud bullies who to get their way are willing to make life more dangerous for everyone else. Gun nuts are rabid, emotional, and irrational fanatics actively overturning laws that prevent gun violence and promote homicide. Guns nuts are all about selfishness, self-righteousness, and ignorance. “Who cares If a few people get hurt,” gun nuts brag. “That’s the price of collateral damage. What’s the big deal. People die every day?”unGuns So face it folks, gun nuts are reveling in the idea that violence is part of the fun if you are the one packing the gun. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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