Trump’s supporters proud of their anger

Trump’s supporters are proud of their anger: Trump’s followers are not just angry they are proud of their anger. In listening to comments from Trump’s audiences, it appears many of his supporters do not understand what is happening in the world around them. They don’t really get the concept of equal opportunity for all Americans. Unable to appreciate “equal opportunity for all” is a right not a competition; they suffer from a consuming spiritual disease called white pride. Feeling that they have not given their approval to laws that say they must share prosperity with blacks and women and immigrants, white Americans are angry at the idea that they are being taken advantage of. This illness makes them feel miserable and yet they are proud of their misery because all they can see is their own ideas and their own point of view. Trump is exploiting white anger by telling his followers that it is all right to be self-centered, that selfish is good. Trump confirms his follower’s beliefs that they are being taken advantage of by pointing out how often whites are losing the special privileges and are no longer more than equal. Trump declares without an inkling of how, that he will bring back what his supporters have lost, all the while laughing that his personal wealth comes from taking exploiting the hapless. A prime example lies in how Trump tells his audience that workers are getting too much pay, and by inflammatory bluster, causes them to fail to pay attention to the fact that they are the same people he wants to work for him for less pay. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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