How the Right gets it wrong

How the Right gets it wrong: Republican leaders fuel the fires of radical conservatives by constantly appealing to the fundamentalist base with the rallying cry, “No Compromise!” Once in office, Republicans face reality; a strong two-party system and public demand for a better America. Unable to live up to campaign rhetoric, Republicans are branded by bullies like O’Reilly and Limbaugh as disappointing cowards. Heedless of the obvious fact that no-compromise works only in one-party systems, failure to hold out is buttressed by self-serving faith that only purer conservatism will prevail. The illogic of this belief is outright dumb; it’s like saying, ‘you can’t lose if you don’t admit giving up.’ The Right continues to get it wrong decade after decade because it favors faith in a lost cause over reality. “No-compromise,” bluntly demands, “Play by our rules only or we will take the ball and go home.” Republican brinksmanship has lead to the lunatics running the asylum. Trump is the party’s new Frankenstein. Most Americans want a better America. Most Americans are not going to allow “No-compromise” government obstructionism. Some dumb cluck yelling, “He lies” at the President only demonstrates the person doing the yelling is stupid, ignorant and gullible. The purpose of government is prosperity for all Americans––not just the selfish––and prosperity for all Americans is the only no-compromise concept of real value. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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