Armed freeloaders feeding at the public trough

Armed freeloaders feeding at the public trough: Federal land is the property of the American people. Grazing Federal land is a privilege not a right, certainly not a freedom, and really nothing more than public welfare. Low-fees for grazing on public land are no different than poor people on food stamps. Armed freeloaders are nothing but outlaws feeding at the public trough. Estimates are that American taxpayers pay ten times the extra cost of such rancher subsidies. Armed freeloader protesters want something for nothing. In the process they overgraze, destroy the soil, allow in pests, exterminate wildlife, and cause untold damage due to infestations of foreign plant life. Armed freeloaders want the freedom to turn public parks into housing development, mining, and timber. There are no rights for freeloaders only wrongs. We don’t need the Wild West to live in a sustainable environment. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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