Equal opportunity––a right, not an option

Equal opportunity––a right, not an option: Compensation for labor has always been competitive for American workers. Skilled, high-wage jobs, however, have always been reserved for white men, while Blacks, Hispanics and Chinese were typically allocated the low paid work of cleaning, cooking and stoop labor. During hard times, whites have desperately tried to maintain their hard won prosperity and privileges regardless of the needs of other American workers. In bad economies, therefore, intolerance of those with whom you compete is often openly expressed in crude language as now in the aftermath of the Great Republican Recession by supporters of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Economic dominance by whites does the community no lasting good. Concentration-camp-like social segregation severely restricts opportunity, and when any one group is persecuted trying to get their fair share, everyone suffers. The biggest stumbling block to prosperity for all is the demand for law and order. Law and order is not the same as Justice. Focus on law and order instead of justice is a sop to sooth white feelings that government is imposing change against their will. Real change can only really come if moderate middle class white Americans are will to give up their special privileges and share opportunity; Equal opportunity to a good job, to live in a good neighborhood, with good schools, and with an income sufficient to raise a good family. The Constitution states this country was founded for the purpose of creating equal opportunity for all, yet the history of America is a white man’s story. Segregated from equal opportunity a fair share of prosperity for non-whites is impossible. Equal opportunity is not about equal physical size or bank accounts. Equal opportunity is not restricted by poorer neighborhoods, poorer schools, fewer advantages and greater subjugation; not socially slighted at every turn for the dark color of your skin. Equal opportunity for all must be a grant, an American civil right, not a competitive option you work for. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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