Hate kills

Hate kills: Whites in America have long held advantages over blacks: Higher earnings, better education, greater access to health care, safer neighborhoods, and freedom from daily insults inflicted on dark skin. Comforted by the narrative that advances in medicine and nutrition whites have guaranteed them a longer life, whites seldom considered that the life expectance gap between white workers and black workers was 5.3 years. Recent statistics, however, show that the life span of the average white worker is dropping and he can now expect to die four years earlier than wealthy whites. Why are white workers dying when medicine is advancing? For decades a strong back and strong union kept income levels high and rising. White workers could feel good about themselves as they enjoyed the financial and social freedom to move through all levels of society. Since the 1980, however, with the income inequality gap dramatically increasing, white income has stagnated. With the rise of black sports and entertainment figures, whites are not the only ones invited into society. Black minstrels are no longer the butt of entertainment, replaced by bigoted middle class whites derided for their uneducated humor. With the loss of good jobs, income and prestige, white workers have begun to feel left behind. Angry whites have displayed their anger by joining the Tea Party. Poorer whites wave confederate flags. Racism, however, is toxic. Downward mobility has created despair and as a result the white worker death rate is rising. Deaths by suicide and gun shots among white workers far surpasses that of black workers. White workers own more guns than black workers and accidental shooting among whites is many times that of blacks. Since many white workers are in construction, doctors have been prescribing opiates to them on a scale they would never allow to blacks. Addiction to medically prescribed drugs among American white workers is the highest in the world. Racial inequality has long been a white privilege. Recent loss of privilege is breeding anger, and hate kills. Striking out at the establishment politics, white workers––like the ones who support Trump and Carson––are really expressing their angst at the loss of white supremacy and having to share prosperity with all Americans. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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