Trump Echoes White Male Ignorance

Trump Echoes White Male Ignorance: White American males with poor education are Trump’s most avid supporters. Re: “There is something wrong here,” Trump pontificates, referring vaguely and conflating terrorism, Muslims, and extremists, in order to appeal to the ignorant who tend to oversimplify when confused. Typical response: “Let’s not bring nobody here until we get to the bottom of it,” as with the reply of the Repo man when interviewed on his way to seize a delinquent owner’s car. “I agree 100%,” he adds, but couldn’t tell you what he means if you asked him. White American males like the Repo man are sustaining Trump’s lead for the Republican presidential nomination. Bush and Rubio, and other Republicans, criticize Trump, but they fear denouncing someone who might lose them white male voters who see the world through oil-smudged glasses. Repo man represents today’s “down and out” America; workers conditioned by the system to believe in the superiority of wealth. They can’t bring themselves to blame the wealthy, even if wealth bought the company that used to provide them with a good living, and then moved it overseas to avoid paying taxes. They don’t blame Trump when he hides his bigotry in comedic demagoguery. White male workers remember the foreign laborers standing on street corners, whom they think are willing to work for $5/hr., while their own sons are lucky to get a job on an ice cream truck. Repo man can’t find it in himself to blame a system where wealth controls labor. It is easier to take out his frustrations on foreigners. Trump plays on Repo man’s fears while at the same time mocking him. “He’s honest.” Repo man is quick to tell. “He says what is on his mind. No one owns him.” Repo man flat out ignores the fact that Trump acts just like the wealthy business owner who took away his former good-paying job. White Americans males believe the world might be better and safer with blunt men running things. After all that’s what they were brought up to believe. They aren’t interested in reason, just venting their anger. As long as we make education an option and not a priority, America will continue to suffer from the contagious disease of ignorance. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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