Republican politics promote terrorism

Republican politics promote terrorism: The Republican response to Middle East terrorism is creating more terrorism. Republican neocon invasion of Iraq destabilized the entire Muslim community. Republican support of Iraq Shiites forced Sunni military officers and tons of American military supplies to find their way into civil wars throughout the region. Middle East civil wars created millions of refugees flooding into urban centers, leading to upheaval and instability, and fostering dozens of factional armies, including ISIS. The military build up by extremists to combat the U.S. presence in the Middle East, combined with a seven year drought, generating the loss of thousands of farms, animal herds, and agricultural shortages, has provided all the desperate soldiers needed for suicide bombings, a new round of terrorist attacks, and a worldwide volunteer army united in the cause of extremism. Republican leadership knew that siding with Shiites over Sunni would lead to regional civil wars. Republicans knew that refusing to offer foreign aid to stricken Middle Eastern farmers would foster upheaval, instability and refugees. And today, Republicans are well aware that by refusing aid to civil war refugees, they are exacerbating a devastating situation and providing proof to extremists that Republican America hates Islam. The U.S. military presence in the Middle East is a major plank of the Republican Party’s defense platform. Every U.S. soldier sent to the Middle East becomes a poster boy for extremist recruiting. Each extremist casualty of civil war, famine and displacement becomes a call up card for vengeance. Each rejection of Islam by a Republican war monger reminds extremists of the reason why they are fighting the U.S. invader and delivering terrorism to the enemy’s homeland. Republican bravado accomplishes nothing and leads to endless war. Christian superiority rhetoric and gunship diplomacy only create greater extremist resistance. Republican no-compromise strategy, fear of foreigners, and this god-given sense that they must rule the world by military prowess only promotes more terrorism. The growth of terrorism is nothing more than Republican wish fulfillment. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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