Entitlements for the Rich

Entitlements for the Rich: Republicans constantly complain that welfare is a burdensome entitlement of big government. By focusing on the misconception that government should not help people, what Republicans really mean is government should not help ORDINARY people, because Republicans are all for big government giving rich people entitlements. Low capital gains tax, corporate tax breaks, low or no interest loans, government research and development, military protection for worldwide commercial interests, and access to medical, legal, and legislation that only money can buy create a belief that the wealthy are entitled to special status above the common citizen. The wealthy control local and state politics, dictate policies and legislation, dominate boardrooms, set the guidelines for education, and end up determining everything around them if for no other reason than their financial contribution. Like kings and Royalty, the wealthy feel entitled to their wealth and do whatever they can to maintain and increase it. The 1980s ended a thirty-year period of middle class prosperity. Since then the Republican entitlement to wealth has opened an ever-widening gap in income inequality. The rich are getting richer, the middle class is stagnating, the poor receive an ever-smaller share, and children are no longer doing better than their parents. Too many people continue to spread the misconception that getting rich is an American freedom available to everybody. In states where income inequality is the greatest, the well-off give less to charity than do those in states with lower income inequality. The states with the greatest needs are those with the greatest income inequality. Wealth is not a sign of superiority. Inheritance and investments, not income, are the major sources of wealth. And because of its sense of entitlement, wealth is concentrating, and promoting its image as if it were the divine right of kings. Reading the profit and loss balance sheet of American society, welfare will never break the budget, only tax free concentrated wealth can grow into the nemesis of prosperity.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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