Republican Political Platform built on sand

Republican Political Platform built on sand:      “Welders make more money than philosophers,” Mario Rubio tells an angry audience who believe they are losing by sharing prosperity with all Americans. Philosophers actually make twice as much income as welders, but that is not what the base, fearing change, wants to hear. “Taxes are too high, and wages too high,” says Trump trying to repackage Reagan’s failed trickle-down economics. His tax cuts are for the rich–not his audience–but they buy it when they think he means the minimum wage is already too high. “We have to run government like a business, Carley Fiorina proclaims. But the Marines don’t exist to make a profit, and companies fire the weak, sick and disabled. Business does not care for people. “The country is at risk, we have to defend our borders.” Cruz, Rubio, and Huckabee repeat over and over, sowing fear to the faithful. Yet, most of the terrorism they will ever see will be perpetrated by white, male, US citizens. For twenty-five years, Republicans have been marching together–out of step with the majority of Americans on healthcare, civil rights, women’s rights, climate change, gun safety, voting restrictions, immigration, infrastructure repair, and endless war. Voting Republican is targeted to take away health insurance from eighty million people who will return to frequenting taxpayer-funded emergency rooms. Voting Republican will hold minimum wages low that so taxpayers will have to keep funding welfare. Voting Republican will reduce taxes for the rich, wreak havoc on national parkland sold to businesses, pollute rivers with coal waste product, ignore climate change raising sea levels resulting in coastal flooding, and put more Americans at risk with boots on the ground in another unwinable middle eastern war. The only elections that Republican’s win are gerrymandered state and local redistricting and restricted voting. Voting Republican is a vote for MeAmerica not WeAmerica. Nothing can stand on sandbuilding that rejects government of, by, and for all the people. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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