Climate Change Explained

Climate Change Explained: Weather is what is every day; sun, rain, snow, cold or hot. Weather changes daily, weekly. Climate is the average weather conditions over several years; Six months of three-digit heat for months, year around snow, non-seasonal frequent and severe flooding, or a rising trend in hurricane violence. Climate is an average–greater or lesser– than previous averages. Climate over centuries indicates the direction of current climate change. Such as the increase in the rate and amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Keystone is a major contributor to CO2 climate change. Climate has always changed. The critical difference is that never has the rate of change been so accelerating as now. Let us examine a nearby comparison. Billions of years ago Venus was like a young Earth. Without life, however, (where plants convert rays from the sun into energy) sunlight became trapped on the surface of Venus as blanket of chemical gasses. A covering of CO2 turned an Eden Venus into an hostile rock floored hot house of constantly leaking toxic magma gases. Earth’s atmosphere contains less than 3% CO2. Most CO2 is caught up in rock and stored in plants. Earth’s clear atmosphere allows sunlight CO2 created by work from energy to escape back into space. Any CO2 fixed into Earth’s atmosphere–even a fraction above the current 3%–warms the planet. We are currently at 0.15 above average in CO2. 99% of the world’s science climatologists indicate that at this current rate of increase adding hundreds of billions of man made CO2 gases to the atmosphere each year, the average temperature will be 5 degrees higher by 2100. Enough ice caps will have melted to flood six feet of coastal land circling the globe. Miami is already renovating (raising the level) of all property within the city to reflect new high water marks but only by inches. Imagine if Miami had to raise all buildings, roads, bridges, etc. by at least a foot or flooding would inundate the entire city. Six feet of Atlantic Ocean rolling to the Everglades would eliminate Miami. It makes no difference whether you deny it, climate change is real. What we can’t let happen is to continue to allow the ignorant climate-change deniers to be in charge of what to do to correct climate change. As one of the GOP clowns, Ben Carson says, many Americans are stupid and he ought to know. But those of us who do care about climate change can’t let the ignorant be in charge of ruining the home of humanity.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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