Fox is a Clear and Present Danger to America

Fox is a Clear and Present Danger to America:  Another mass killing. President Obama comments on the tragedy and out come the gun nuts––not about the tragic, needless, senseless deaths of a dozen innocent lives––but to spread their deadly paranoia: “He’s gonna take away our guns.” Fear and loathing rises in the heartland and gun nuts, ramped up by Fox, become a Clear and Present Danger to all peace-loving Americans. Fox fake experts take stage repeating the fear-creating NRA mantra: “Gun control won’t work because the criminals won’t follow the rules and will steal guns or buy them illegally.” Criminals with guns is not the problem. Criminals with guns are not committing the mass killings. Criminals with guns is not the issue. “Criminals with guns” is a red herring designed to distract the public. The real problem is ordinary people with easy access to so many guns that they become fascinated with shooting other people every week. The real problem is Fox fomenting violence about gun safety. But the gun nuts don’t want to know about mass killings. The gun nuts don’t want to talk about reasonable gun safety. The gun nuts have been goaded by millions of dollars in hysterical propaganda into action. Glued to Fox, gun nut suburbia USA shouts: I hate that fucking n***r. Joyfully they tell their gun friends: “I’d like to take a gun and shoot him in the head RIGHT NOW.” Gun nuts are already very angry and disturbed people, and Fox is pushing their button talking about more killing. The curious thing is that all gun nuts are not actually gun persons. Many do not even own a gun. Many have never shot a gun in their lives. Many never even yell at anyone. Yet here they are loudly expressing the desire to murder a person devoted to public service, someone democratically elected by a majority of Americans two times to the highest office in the land. Why? Because he is bringing up a fault of guns; the frequency of mass killings. Before long all the other gun nuts are chiming in saying Obama is the cause of the killings. He is a Muslim and besides he wasn’t born in the United States. It’s not a matter of whether you think Obama is a good president or bad president. Wouldn’t matter if he was Muslim if he was a good president and did not talk about guns?” But guns nuts are Fox pod cast people; hate-filled, fearful, bigoted, willfully ignorant pod cast people. By listening to the misleading information flowing out of Fox, a gun nuts’ understanding of current events has declined steadily over the years due to watching Fox’s daily propaganda. Avid viewers actually believe they are the only ones who know the “real truth.” Fox exacerbates so-called hidden truths by constantly venting more virulent racism. Fox has created a monster that has become a clear and present danger to America by encouraging and blessing an atmosphere of fear in which racism acts of violence can grow larger. Gun nuts of today are yesterday’s public-minded citizens who have lost their mental ability to function as adults. Fox is constantly stoking the fires of their anxiety. They wonder about creeping Sharia Law. They wonder about stocking up on fifty-caliber machine guns in case the government takes over. They wonder why they have to obey National Park Regulations issued by “them” in Washington. They wonder if climate change is not really a left wing conspiracy. They wonder if Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts for profit. Fox is constantly egging on their viewers to wonder about conspiracies. Fox is telling them to fear government. Fox propaganda is on view day and night, 24/7/365 constantly and relentlessly selling fear and paranoia as the secret truth. Fox, more than ever and more than terrorism is today’s a clear and present danger to a democratic America.

Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.


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