Big Oil Lying Like Big Tobacco

Big Oil Lying Like Big Tobacco:  For more than half a century Big Tobacco lied to the American public by dampening down the deadly toxin of cigarette smoke under a multi-millions dollar propaganda campaign of public disinformation. For the past twenty-five years Big Oil has been lying to the American public deliberately hiding dangers of carbon emissions to climate change by spending millions of dollars to question the viability of government science.  The facts are that 99% of the entire world’s climate scientists assert that man-made toxins are causing global warming.  Less than 1% of scientists––who are paid for their opinion by Big Oil––argue the science of climate change is uncertain.  Before 1989, Exxon was a leader in studying the effects of climate change on global warming. In 1990, when reports from its own scientists told Exxon global emissions were endangering the planet, Big Oil did an about face and began spending millions of dollars annually to promote climate change as a murky issue and not necessarily attributable to man-made causes. The purpose of Big Oil’s public disinformation campaign was to keep legislators from acting on government science by imposing regulations that would lower Exxon profits. For the sake of money Big Tobacco killed millions of human beings worldwide. For the sale of money Big Oil is endangering humanity’s only sanctuary, the planet Earth.  You may ignore the murder millions of human beings for after all they chose to smoke didn’t they? But the idea that man-made climate change could end humanity is as important as nuclear war and can’t be left up to power politics. The fact that Big Oil is lying to the public, if not the world, is just like Big Tobacco telling us smoking is good for your heath. The science of climate change should be front and center in the arena of public discussion. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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