“More deaths than all wars,” the gruesome price of guns

“More deaths than all wars,” the gruesome price of guns                                       An American in the United States is killed or injured by gun violence every 7.5 minutes, 180 every day, 1,269 every week, or 60,019 for the year 2014. From 1970 to 2014 1.35 million Americans were killed by gun violence, more than in all the wars since the American Revolution. A huge percentage of American loudly proclaim they are pro-life and believe in the sanctity of human life, yet actively promote the idea that guns be so poorly regulated that they are used to kill tens of thousands of fellow Americans. The Journal of Gun Trauma and Acute Care reports that an average of four innocent people are killed every time an gun is used in self defense. The FBI reports that an innocent person is twenty times more likely to be hurt when a gun is used for self-defense. The CDC reports that states with the most gun safety regulations have the fewest deaths and injuries by gun violence, and conversely, the states with the weakest gun laws have the most deaths and injuries by gun violence. In 2014 there were twenty mass killing in the United States, one every 2.6 weeks. The FBI defines a mass killing as four or more Americans killed by guns in a group shooting. In 2014 the mass murders per year rose fifty percent to 30 shootings. In 2015 there have already been 31 mass killings. Discussing the mental state of a shooter is a deliberate distraction from the key issue; you can’t kill a person with a gun if a gun is not present. Only the criminals will have guns is more no-evidence gun-promoting baloney. More guns means more people killed or injured. People use guns because they are easy to find, easy to own, easy to use, and violently effective. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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