Fast food corporations feasting off taxpayers

Fast food corporations feast off taxpayers: By paying employees low wages, fast food corporations make the taxpayers subsidize worker expenses, while providing corporations with hundreds of billions in windfall profits. 52% of fast food workers are paid so poorly they must rely on government child heath insurance, needy family assistance and food stamps at a cost of $7 billion annually. Who makes up the difference of low corporate wages? You, the taxpayer. The median income for a 10hr/wk, 27/wk/yr year is $8.69 an hour. While Republicans in Congress block a minimum wage increase that might have raised workers out of poverty, the ten largest fast food companies earned $7.44 billion in profits, paid their top executives $52.7 million in bonuses, and distributed $7.7 billion in dividends and stock buybacks. Why can’t McDonalds pay its employees a decent living wage like In-N-Out does? Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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