Silencing the intolerant conscience

Silencing the intolerant conscience: “In my heart,” the Kentucky marriage licensing clerk said,” I knew refusing to approve the marriage of a gay couple was the right thing to do.” Indoctrinated by religion, Davis refused to obey the law because her conscience told her that marriage was wrong. Religious beliefs, however, are not above the law. Behaving intolerantly because your religion tells you to believe intolerantly is not a legal excuse. We should not indoctrinate children to believe it is right to behave in an illegal manner and then teach them to follow their conscience and not the law. Promoting intolerance among the general public is not only intolerable it is illegal. Silencing religious intolerance, racial hatred, and ethnic harassment is not silencing religious freedom. Intolerance, racism, and bigotry are no more free speech than any other hate crime. The public has always had shifting norms and values. The real question is not about preferences, but endangering the public by promoting hateful violence. The issue is not about political correctness, but about common courtesy, consideration, and decency. Humans above all else are social animals. Society is embedded in human nature. Free-wheeling anything goes attitudes are harmful to individuals and society as a whole. Self-censorship is essential for a peaceful, prosperous society. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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