The tyranny of gun ownership

The tyranny of gun ownership: The United States has many more firearms than any other country in the world; more than the next four largest firearm owner nations combined; enough to arm every man, woman and child. But not every American household keeps a firearm. Most gun owners, however, have several guns. Many are avid gun fanatics, loud about their opinions, and claim they own them for protection. But the claim that guns protect made loud and often, is not true. Not only does the FBI and the CDC say guns are no defense for self defense, but now the National Crime Victimization Survey reports a gun in the home is more likely to cause harm to an innocent bystander, nearby non-gun owners, or be used in a suicide. The latest figures show less than 1% of guns are used for self-defense. Meanwhile, two-thirds of America’s home owner’s who do not have or own a gun are in danger from the other one-third, who tend to carry guns in public, use them to threaten, and provoke violence by escalating conflict. Fifty years ago the National Rifle Association was a sportsman’s club. Guns for protection is not woven into the fabric of American experience. Most Americans who have ever lived never had anything to do with guns. Gun control is not about getting rid of guns, but about common sense restrictions. Radical politics has led to a drastic loosening of gun safety. The idea that some people have to arm themselves is dangerous to all Americans. The NRA is promoting death by blocking common sense legislation to regulate firearms to criminals and the mentally ill. Republicans say fixing mental health system will cut gun violence then vote against mental health. The NRA says gun laws don’t matter, but evidence proves gun laws prevent violence. The NRA wants the public to believe that any restrictions will lead to total gun removal, but more and more Americans believe that human lives matter more than guns. The US is the mass-shooting capital of the world. More Americans die from guns public than from combat in war. The greatest gun violence is in those states and those homes with the most guns. If you don’t own a gun beware of those who do. Beware especially who hide behind pseudo 2nd amendment rights to defend themselves against the tyranny, which only they themselves commit. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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