Republicans Oppose Iran Nuclear Bomb Stoppage for Profit

Republicans Oppose Iran Nuclear Bomb Stoppage for Profit: Halting the spread of nuclear weapons should be our country’s highest foreign policy priority. Apparently, the Republican Party thinks big oil money is more important. With the first opportunity in decades to stop Iran from acquiring true weapons of mass destruction, Republican Party has vowed to kill it. Before reading the text, House Speaker John Boehner and a GOP chorus rose up in totally vehemenent opposition. Hysterically referring to Obama as Neville Chamberlain and the Iranian president as Adolph Hitler, Republicans say they oppose the agreement for two reasons. First, because it will not succeed. Second, because it will succeed. The “won’t-succeed” say Iran will cheat. But the pact is the tightest, most enforceable nuclear agreement ever; Intrusive inspections, “Snapback” provisions, and Automatic sanctions––same as Reagan 1987 treaty with the Soviet Union for nuclear missile reduction. “Trust, but Verify.” But even with the agreement, Republicans still claim Iran will win. Lifting economic sanctions, says Boehner, “will embolden Iran, stabilize and legitimatize its regime, spread more violence and instability to the region, and put Iran on a path to build a bomb in the future. Israel and Pakistan receive billions in military aid while they built nuclear weapons yet they refuse to sign the international non-proliferation agreement. Pakistan’s corrupt and unstable government is a far greater danger for allowing nuclear weapon technology to dribble out into the world. The Republicans say they can made a better deal, haven’t for decades, and offer nothing new. The real reason Republicans are against any deal with Iran is ending the embargo would allow Iran oil to compete on the market place. With Iran oil, corporations who buy Republican votes would loose billions in oil revenues. Iran maybe the bad guy, but Republicans have let the safety of the world be governed by profit. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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