GOP’s anti public education agenda

GOP’s anti public education agenda:  Kansas, a prime example of Republican’s gerrymandering state voting districts to exclude Democrats, is restructuring its education system to eliminate teacher licensing requirements. Misleadingly proposed as an opportunity for specialists among certified generalists, the change opens the door to unqualified people to teach, manage classrooms and schools, and indoctrinate children in specific religious restrictions. Instead of education for all American children, this backward GOP effort is part of the anti-science, anti-secular, and anti-critical thinking agenda of the Kansas GOP. Having already gutted the Kansas education system of its top priorities, the GOP legislature is scheming to make further unconstitutional changes by restructuring many smaller school districts until they can no longer follow statewide requirements. Gov. Brownback’s disdain for public education is seeping into the public via GOP legislative drives to impose school vouchers and replace tax payer oversight with private education “options.” Competency is no longer to be judged by the general public, but dictated by and restricted to political requirements. Cut off the opposition vote by restructuring voting districts, load the legislature politically, restrict funding and pensions, and what you get is a conservative minority dictating backwardness to the majority.


Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA

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