Humbug Trump

Humbug Trump: PT Barnum would have called Trump a “humbug;” someone that puts on a sparkling appearance to attract public attention. Humbug Trump is the illusion of substance. No self-made man, Trump was born to wealth. No savvy deal-maker, Trump relied on government tax manipulation for major successes. No drive and persistence, Trump defrauded the public with bankruptcy four times to reap his riches. Trump deludes people into believing his wealth makes him non-beholding, but family connections have always opened doors that his pretentious insults close to those who do not do his bidding. Trump has no realistic solutions but offers double talk, pompous rhetoric, and never a straight answer. Barnum would have called Trump’s followers, “bumpkins, the proverbial sucker born every minute,” who love a parade and find it fun to listen to someone who lashes out with simple invectives to resolve complex issues. Trump personifies a cool dude who doesn’t give a damn, all the while hiding the fact that he is the owner who pays low wages like all the wealthy. The question for most responsible Republicans is how anyone with an ounce of decency can find it refreshing to support a clown saying stupid, hurtful things? Trump can say what he wants because no one expects a clown to be held to any standards. It takes an ignoramus to think his remarks are rude only to deviants. The problem the Republican Party has is when Trump turns his invective on fellow candidates. These are the self same Republicans who can’t complain about Trump because they are two sides of the same culture. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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