Right-wing ‘American terrorists more dangerous than Muslim extremists

Right-wing ‘American terrorists more dangerous than Muslim extremists: Despite anxiety over Al Qaeda and ISIS, right-wing terrorists have averaged 337 attacks per year since 9/11, killing a total of 254 Americans, compared to six foreign attacks out of 20 foreign plots accounting for a total of 50 deaths. Two days before the mass shooting at Emanuel AME church, the NY Times wrote; right-wing terrorism is currently a greater threat within the US than attacks by radicalized Islamists. As usual, right-wing talk shows played down the threat, blamed the victims or the deranged, and continued to radicalize the right-wing public to further violence. A major city official said, “militias, neo-Nazis and sovereign citizens” are the biggest emerging extremist threat but law enforcement does not have a good grip on home grown terrorists. The fact that American extremists have been killing Americans in large numbers on a regular basis for decades does not seem to register on the general public. Until the word Muslim was attached to terrorism, Americans with guns massacring blacks never made front page headlines. The list of right-wing terror incidents has been growing since the 1960s, but conservatively owned mainstream media prefers panic and fear-mongering reserved for brown or black perpetrators. On one single day last year a man identified with a sovereign citizen movement claimed to not recognize the authority of federal or local government and attacked Ga. Forsyth County courthouse firing an assault rifle at police officers and trying to cover his approach with tear gas and smoke grenades. In Nevada, anti-government militants reportedly shot two police officers and placed a “Don’t tread on me” flag on their bodies. An anti-government extremist in Pennsylvania shot two state troopers, killing one of them, before leading authorities on a 48-day manhunt. A right-wing militant in Texas declared a “revolution” and was arrested attempting to an armored car to buy weapons and explosives and attack law enforcement. That same day, nationwide media covered shark attacks with only local mention of “criminal acts.” Half the nation, which votes Republican, doesn’t talk about home grown radicals who make up their hard core constituency, and the other half, voting Democrat in denial doesn’t seem to seem to acknowledge the American terrorism going on right under their very own noses.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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