Republicans against infrastructure spending

Republicans against infrastructure spending: Republican party is dominated by Southern states. Heavy infrastructure costs) are located in the Northeast. Republicans refuse to spend on states that don’t vote Republican. Federal disaster relief is uniformly passed to all states, but only 70 House Republicans voted for federal emergency hurricane Sandy. Republican political policy regarding funding is to “Starve the Beast.”  Republican power comes not from investing in the country, but seizing any vulnerability to “drown the government in a bathtub.” Republicans refuse to raise revenue and hold hostage all “unfavored” spending. Billions of unmet infrastructure spending represents a massive, annual golden opportunity to extort draconian cuts to social, regulatory, non-defense spending. Republicans reject deficit-financing even at low interest rates or private-public infrastructure bank. Republican power comes from privatizing infrastructure and monetizing public assets. Republican mega-bank/private equity patrons deeply want public resources turned into privately profit centers. Private Activity Bonds allow local governments to privatize public assets offering private equity investors tax-free investment profits on their investment.  Tax-free means taxpayer subsidized with no public benefit. Republicans refuse infrastructure spending in order to kill labor and environmental laws on that restrict construction projects. Republicans care less about commuter deaths due to bridge collapse than not paying prevailing wages on public contracts. Republican Senator’s like Mike Lee want the public to believe unions crowd out low-skilled workers, create windfall labor profits, and waste taxpayer dollars, when in reality it is non-union contractors paying below living wages that crowd out American workers, reap record-making corporate profits and bleed the taxpayer with unnecessary costs. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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