Democrats are Best Party for US Economy

Democrats are Best Party for US Economy: For the past century, the American economy has only grown under Democratic presidents. Every recession and market crash has come under a Republican president. National Debt, Income Inequality, and Job Loss records have all pushed the economy down under Republican presidents. Stock Market, GDP, and New Jobs records have all lifted the economy all under Democrats. Republican conservatives claim they are the party of success, but only spout negative messages: “Makers versus takers,” “47% moochers,” “Poor need spur of poverty, people abuse free,” and “Government’s the problem, business, the solution.” GW Bush owns the worst eight-year economic performance in a modern American presidency. The last two Republican Congresses have the lowest achievement in American history. Trickle-down economics is a total failure. Republicans in Congress have spent their time for the past twenty years selling austerity rather than an opportunistic economy. No matter how often big money––which owns conservative media––tries to sell you Republican economics, the facts don’t lie. Only the wealthy are making money. We the suckers, who listen to Republican shuck and jive are paying for their profits. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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