Why don’t poor people just get jobs?

Why don’t poor people just get jobs? They already did. 63% of poor people, who can work, do work. Of the 37% of poor people not working, 3.3 million are workers who have been let go due to the Republican recession, untrained or uneducated for specialized work, unemployed by circumstances beyond their control, and those currently seeking a job. The Republican Myth of contrasting hardworking Americans to the shiftless, lazy, poor people is a favorite of Republican conservative media. Republicans repeat this false mantra as they cut out-of-work safety net programs like food stamps or housing assistance. The Republican idea is people who don’t work should starve. If any money is provided it should go to poor people food and housing. Meanwhile, Republicans blithely ignore, getting and holding a job takes things poor people don’t have; transportation, money to pay for transportation, affordable rent housing near employment and not requiring hours of long distance travel, access to childcare, money to pay for child care, medical care due to low wage jobs that don’t include medicine, necessary savings or money to cover emergencies, neighborhoods that lend themselves to the prospect of finding any sort of job stock full of neighbors who themselves are not working steadily. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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