US Defense Budget is only for the Wealthy

: A budget that lowers taxes on the rich, taxes investment dividends at lower rates, and blithely raises billions for defense, while cutting billions from public spending, is by its very nature, a budget for the wealthy. The average American is not interested in making the world safe for Democracy. The average American is against international companies interfering with sovereign nations and religious beliefs. The average American doesn’t need a so-called “Defense” budget that poses as protecting our freedoms under the guise of mounting wars of aggression for special interests that result in terrorism at home. The average American man doesn’t need to joint the military to be a hero. The average American wife doesn’t need her husband to come home an invalid, die on foreign soil, or turn to suicide or spousal abuse. Only the rich need a huge US military to generate profits from death and destruction. Only the rich need to defend their international interests by the stationing of US military personnel in 165 countries around the world. Only the rich make money by ever increasing spending for defense contracts. Only the rich have enough money invested to make substantial profits off lower taxed dividends. Only the rich make enough monetary to accumulate wealth from lower taxes. And only the rich get richer in a foreign policy based on endless war.  Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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