Accumulated wealth tolls the death of equal opportunity

Accumulated wealth tolls the death of equal opportunity: Where wealth accumulates, such as Republican legislation to Repeal Estate Taxes, inherited wealth controls the power to establish rules of business and society. Inherited wealth and conservative power has always been an issue behind States Rights. Local affluence creates socially subordinated communities, foments local class distinctions, and denies rights to those who do not fit community profiling. America fought a Revolution against accumulated wealth, the entrenched divine right of kings, and the power of privilege. But some Americans never did and still do not want to destroy inherited wealth, they merely want such privileges only for themselves. Today’s GOP represents the interests of accumulated wealth. To maintain control and increase power, conservatives demonize government public services. The powers that be want the public beholding to wealth in the form of jobs, charity, and social advancement. Accumulated wealth controls finance, controls the media, controls congress and dominates the public message. The only way to compete against accumulated wealth is to tax it out of existence or at least down to a fair proportion. Accumulated wealth is the antithesis of equal opportunity, which is vital for a worthwhile Democracy. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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