Republicans want women “in their place.”

Republicans want women “in their place.” While Republicans bandwagon scandals like Clinton’s emails, one in three women is experiencing physical violence, one in ten under the age of twenty is forced into sexual acts, thirty nations allow men to beat their wives, and eighty-three percent of girls twelve to sixteen are sexually harassed in school. While the rate of mayhem regularly imposed on half of humankind is alarmingly high, Republicans march lockstep not to legislate protection for women, but to scandalize politics. Instead of dealing with issues, Republicans laud the strongman Putin/Netanyahu, while bemoaning Clinton’s strong-woman response to email privacy: “I opted for convenience.” Clinton is setting the stage for her presidential campaign discussing real female conditions; political exclusion, discrimination, rape as weapon of war, genital cutting, forced illiteracy, forced aborting, and sterilization. Women’s rights are human rights. Meanwhile, the four horsemen of apocalypse-by-innuendo Fox is outraged, Hannity suspicious, O’Reilly incredulous, and Limbaugh aghast at a woman like Clinton who does not know her place. Instead of dealing with momentous women’s issues, Republicans are trying to force Clinton to allow Louie Gohmert to sniff out her “yoga experience.” The stakes for the White House are too important for nonsense. The world is waiting to see how things go when a woman is in charge. The rights of half the world’s population are at stake. Who you are is how you vote. Richard Dorsey, Hacienda Heights, CA.

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